Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.7.0 is released

March 9th, 2022 No comments


We are glad to announce the new release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.7.0.
This version is a minor release and add a lot of new features in improvements – Transposed Grid, Frozen Rows, Search by column and much more. As usual the version has a numerous bug fixes.

For a full list of additions and fixes look below:

Additions and Updates

  • Add new transposed module which convert rows to columns Demo Docs
  • Add new frozen rows module Demo Docs
  • Add searching by column values. Demo Docs
  • Improve maxGridHeigh method. Add third parameter to indicate the minimum height at which the method run.
  • Add pager input to be configurable – i.e replace the input with text See
  • Changes in language file
  • Add title text when hovering column menu
  • Adding searchColumn menu when the new search is enabled
  • Add two new methods disabelColMenu and enableColMenu to disable and enable dynamically the column menu at specified column.
  • Add colMenuBeforeProcess for column menu as triggered event (grid option) + fix for building menu custom column menus
  • Optimizing rebuild calls when autoresizing is on
  • Scroll the form to top to view the error in case there are a lot of fields on it
  • Add stripScript function
  • Add customizeData event in exportToExcel which allow to work on the raw data before to export,

Bug Fixes

  • Fix problem when ariaGrid and searchColumn are on.
  • Fix setGridWidth when shrinkToFit is true and the data height is < gridheight (no vertical scroll) and show hide columns are performed
  • Fix sync the searchColumn with aria grid.
  • Prevent change the state of select box in multiselct mode when beforeSelectRow Return false. See
  • Prevent header checkbox (when multiselect) to go back in off state when it is off. See
  • Fix maxGridHeight to work after data is loaded. Remove not needed aftercomplete event. See
  • Fix multisort when frozen is off
  • Second fix for the callinf events with options parameter
  • Fix for previous fix when calling bindEvents with option parameter
  • Fix passing correct oper option when editing data plus adding the option array in dataEvents as parameter – the first parameter is event the second is a option
  • Fix show sort icons when frozen columns are on
  • Fix typo name in transposed module
  • Fix horizontal scroll when filterToolbar is on
  • Fix scrolling grid in certain cases.
  • Fix + optimization in frozenColumns method.
  • Fix mixing local names in resizeColumn
  • Fix parameter name in progressBar function
  • Fix for sort icons to be found correct
  • Fix multisort when frozenColumns and autoresizing are on
  • Fix when multisorting
  • Fix for IE11 in stripScript function
  • Fix for IE11 to use the new features in 5.6.0
  • Fix ungroup from column menu
  • Fix prevent XSS in search textbox when showQuery is on ,
  • Fix passing correct parameter in custom_value function in form editing ,

Enjoy the new version.
Kind Regards
Guriddo Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.6.0 is released

November 3rd, 2021 1 comment

We are glad to announce the new release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.6.0.
This version is a minor release and add improvements in CSS styling (Bootstrap 5 support), aria grid, excel like grid navigaion and frozen columns improvements. The version has a numerous bug fixes. Below is the full list of all changes, bug fixes and additions.

Additions and Updates

  • Add support for Bootstrap5
  • Add method excelLikeGrid to simulate editing and key navigation like Excel
  • Add event onFrozenColumnsCall which is triggered every time the method setFrozenColumns is called
  • Adding new option in colModel labelClasses, which add custom classes to the labels in the grid.
  • Replace javascrip eval function in all jqGrid code
  • Improve ariaGrid and cellEdit to work better together
  • Remove deprecated :eq and :first from setRowData method and replace it with .eq()
  • Add customCellAction event in ariaGrid which raises when the user press key different from the predefined one up, down and etc.
  • Update package.json to include the repository
  • Add new common parameter frozenColCount to indicate the number of frozen columns when set
  • Add Support for cell editing when ariaGrid and excelLikeGrid method(s) are activated.
  • Add method getLastVisibleCol to get the index of last visible col
  • Method setCell now support frozen columns.
  • Method delRowData now support frozen columns
  • Method setRowData now support frozen columns
  • Add new method groupingInit, which set the grouping parameters to initial state.
  • Add In groupingRemove method second parameter, which if set to true destroy all the grouping data
  • Adding common function $.jgrid.isNull

Bug fixes

  • Fix misalignment of columns when frozen columns and grouped headers
  • Fix frozen columns in case scrollOffset will be set manually
  • Fix for multi-select plugin remove all button, to work correct after the second click
  • Fix adding classes property to the invisible first row in the grid – class=firstrow.
  • Fix set predefined custom style in export to excel.
  • Fix in addRowData method when no not rows in the grid
  • Fix resizeGrid method when grid height is set to auto
  • Fix hide no records row when emptyRecordRow is false
  • Fix scrollbar in case no data and resizeGrid is called
  • Fix saveRow to pass correct parameter in custom formatter when edit type is select
  • Fix position of alert box in form edit in case the grid has height auto or 100%
  • Fix refershFilterToolbar method to take in account the index from colModel
  • Fix – do not create frozen divs and multiple calls of frozen columns without to destroy it first
  • Fix setLabel method to work correct when column menu is enabled
  • Fix colMenuBeforeProcess to be called in customMenu actions
  • Fix for sortable (remapColumns method) to correct reorder grouping cells, when grouping is activated.

Enjoy the new version
Happy coding
Guriddo jqGrid Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS and Guriddo Suito PHP versions 5.5.5 are released

May 17th, 2021 No comments

We are pleased to announce the release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript and Guriddo Suito PHP versions 5.5.5. This is a bug fix release, with few useful additions. The documentation is updated according to the new release. Below is the list of additions and bug fixes.

    PHP Changes


  • Making easy work with dates when php >= 5.3.0
  • Fix autocomplete to work with inline edit when 3 items are requiered


    JavaScript Additions and Updates


  • method GetFont now return more parameters to calculate precisely the width in canvas
  • optimize intNum function and add new floatNum function for more compact calculations
  • Add new colModel option autosize_headers – if set to true it will include the headers cells when calculation max width for auto re-sizing feature
  • Add close button to search dialog in column menu
  • Add aria-label=Close to elements without text which close the dialog s
  • Add P option to date formatting . See
  • Rename build.gradle to build_gradle
  • Code and speed optimizations in filterToolbar method
  • mergeSearch options is added in colMenu searching
  • Add possibility to search in filter toolbar splitting the word separated with option splitSearchSeparator which produce or logic. By example entering a;b in search field will produce field == a or field == b
  • Add grid option emptyRecordRow which enables or disables the No records to view row. Default is true.
  • Add new parameter in dragEnd function to disable calling recreation of frozenColumns
  • Add new common function – getElemByAttrVal to get element by attribute value from array of objects element
  • Add new parameter in resizeColumn method to not recreate forzenColumns.
  • Add possibility to use a predefined excel formatters again with possibility to format the excel value as true text – set exportoption excel_type =’text’. See:
  • Add new utility function isJSON to check if the given value is (valid) JSON object.
  • Changing parameter name in getGridParam which conflicts in some frameworks:
  • Add a utility function dateToOADate to convert an ECMAScript Date to a Microsoft OADate. Used for export to excel for better date formatting.


    JavaScript Bug Fixes


  • Fix column name parameter in colMenuBeforeProcess when freeze
  • Fix disable sortable columns with mouse on frozen columns.
  • Fix for parameter disabledKeys in fillterToolbar method in order to prevent error in save/load-Sates methods.
  • Fix for key-press in fillterToolbar when grid is restored from loadState
  • Fix column grouping in state restoring loadState
  • Fix column menu searching when reset is pushed and data is local with grouping
  • Revert back the changes in setCell and setRowData methods so that we do not change the existing cell properties.
  • Fix forzen column when re-sizing and calling it correct when rebuilding.
  • Fix filterToolbar to restore correct the search in loadState when mergeSearch is on
  • Fix for filterRefactor function to find correct the included fields
  • Fix the _No records to view_ row to be not editable.
  • Fix css presentation of custom element in filter Toolbar. Fix executing search on custom element in filterToolbar
  • Fix auto re-sizing no to recreate frozenColumns on every column
  • Fix toolbar search to keep the search values on frozen columns
  • Fix showing sort icons on frozen columns
  • Fix bug in setLabel method
  • Fix for ie11 when using filterToolbar disabledKeys
  • Fix gridResize method to work with bootstrap.
  • Fix small problem in jquery ui resizable which should attach only one class with comma
  • Fix export to excel when formatter return &nbsp
  • Fix mergeSearch to work with single search in dialog searching (multipleSearch = false)
  • Fix local sorting to work with local special characters
  • Fix custom formatting in export to excel See:
  • Fix forzen columns vertical synchronization when a new column is set to frozen.


Enjoy the new version.
Kind Regards
Guriddo Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.5.4 is released

February 17th, 2021 1 comment

We are happy to inform you that the new release of Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.5.4 is released. This is bug fix release, but add a full support of jQuery 3.5.X, has numerous important fixes and add a very useful additions. Below is the list of additions and bug fixes.

    Additions and Updates

  • Add new feature combined search – to combine search results in different searching modules. Added two new parameters – mergeSearch (boolen) and searchModules (object). See searching in documentation.
  • Add two parameters to resizeGrid to enable responsibility on width and/or height
  • $.jgrid.parseDate now can be used without to be applied to a grid object. Added new option parameter for validation
  • Add colModel sizingStringFunc which is a user defined function to calculate the max width of column value. Parameters to it are cell value, font, options and row data object. Should return the width of cell value.
  • Add grid event colMenuBeforeProcess to be executed before any action in any column menu defined. Parameters passed to it are module, action, and column name

    Bug Fixes

  • Fix no records message in frozen columns
  • Fix group headers in case of autoresize is applied with double click
  • Fixes for position dialog s (edit, view, search) when rtl is on and recreateForm is false
  • Disable searching in filterToolbar when press special keys like alt, ctrl and etc. and autosearch is enabled.
  • Fix exports in grouping
  • Fix setGridWidth method when shrinkToFit parameter is set to false
  • Fix getCol and getRowData methods in case of no records message appear.
  • Replace the deprecated jQuery.isArray with Array.isArray
  • Replace deprecated jQuery.isFunction with $.jgrid.isFunction
  • Replace deprecated jQuery.type with $.jgrid.type
  • Replace deprecated jQuery :first with first()
  • Fix autoresizing when hidden columns are present.
  • Fix frozen columns in certain situation when the first columns are hidden
  • Fix icon position left in bootstrap4
  • Replace deprecated jQuery :eq with eq()
  • Replace deprecated jQuery :last with last()
  • Replace deprecated :gt with slice
  • Replace jQuery $.trim with $.jgrid.trim
  • Fix pager when RTL.
  • Fix transparency of header and footer rows in Boostrap4
  • Fix frozen columns in various situations

Enjoy the new version
Happy coding
Guriddo jqGrid Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.5.2 is released

January 6th, 2021 No comments

We are pleased to announce the release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.5.2. This is a bug fix release, with important fixes for Bootstrap 4. The documentation is updated according to the new release. Below is the list of additions and bug fixes.

Additions and Updates

  • Add second parameter to setGridHeight, so that we set the entry grid height.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix getDataIDs to not return “norecs” row
  • Fix “norecs” row in case when add row with addRowData.
  • Fix addRowData when add elements at certain positions in data array and fix reindexing of elements.
  • Fine tune sort icons in bootstrap4
  • Fix multiselect plugin to work with jQuery 3.5.x
  • Fix pixel which causes scroll in Chrome in setGridWidth method when boostrap4
  • Fixes for multibox header for jquery-ui css
  • Fisxes for multisorting and sorting icons in Boostrap4
  • resizeGrid now resizes to the parent/window height
  • CSS Fixes for searchoperators in toolbar search
  • Fix for the headerrow column in Bootstrap4
  • Fixes for header row
  • Fix find correct search operator in case there is a custom search element.
  • Fixes for Frozen columns, stripped tables, group headers row hovering and row selecting in Bootstrap4
  • Fixes for calling isGrouHeaderOn in filtering and exporting
  • Fix icon position in navigator Bootstrap4 for fontAwesome
  • Fix groupingHeaders when they are removed. Fix setGridWidth to remove/set frozen columns when it is executed. Fix position of data div of the frozen columns. Fix hovering in bootstrap
  • Fix jquery UI css adding overflow hidden in navigator buttons with texts
  • Fix remove centering of label cells when grouping. Add overflow hidden to long texts in navigator buttons
  • Fix dirty-cell not being set and console error when saving using latest jQuery #972
  • Fixes for boostrap4 modal-content class
  • Fixed error “hasOwnProperty is not a function when saving data using jQuery 3.5.1
  • Fix dirty-cell not being set on cells changed inline
  • Fixing destroy group header function
  • Fix Bootstrap4 warning dialog display property
  • Fix grouping headers with frozen columns rebuilding.
  • Bootstarp4 css fixes for group headers and frozen columns
  • Fix hovering and highlighted selected row in Bootstrap 4 css
  • Fix losing focus when setGroupHeaders is call.
  • Fix sort icons in fontawesome and octicons css definition

Enjoy the new version.

Kind Regards
Guriddo Team

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