January 13th, 2020

jqGrid 5.3.X Downloads
Note that this is a commercial product and and the download is 30 days trial.
For more inforamation visit Guriddo web site

Customize your jqGrid download by selecting the specific modules you need in the form below.

jqGrid Base grid. In order to use the grid a language file should be loaded before loading the grid. Language files are located in i18n folder of this download
Formatter This module allows a predifined and custom formating of grid cells
Common This module consist of common functions that are needed for all editing modules
Form Edit This module provide a for editing with modal dialogs
Filter Plugin This module contain all search modules including toolbar and form search functionalities. Can be used as separate plugin for searching.
In place edit This module provide a in place editing table rows
Cell Editing This module provide a cell editing with keys navigation
Modal dialog This plugin (jqModal) is optional and provide creating of modal dialogs needed for form editing. When omitted jqGrid will create his own modals
Dragging and resizing This plugin (jqDnR.js) is optional and provide drag and resize of the modal dialogs. Also if not selected jqGrid will try to use jQuery UI Dragging and resizing.
Subgrids This module allow creation of subgrids and grid as subgrid
Grouping This module adds a grouping feature into the grid.
TreeGrid This module provide a creating a tree grids. Support of Nested set and Adjacency models
Pivot Grid
PivotGrid Pivot Grid is a module that allows you to reorganize and summarize selected columns and rows of data in a spreadsheet like program to obtain a desired report.
Importing This module provide import and export of grid configuration and data from xml file, xml string, json file and json string
Exporting This module provide export of grid to True Excel, Pdf and CSV
Xml and JSON utilities needed in export/import, language switches and more. It is recommended to include it Needed library for import and export
Other modules
ARIA jqGrid module Methods that keyboard navigations, Section 508 compilant
jQuery UI addon methods
Additional methods using jQuery UI library Methods that using jQuery UI. These includes sortable columns, sortable rows, drag and drop rows between tables, column chooser and grid resizing
Sortable plugin Sortable plugin for jqGrid which replaces the jQuery UI sortable and used in some actions like colmenu and etc

jqGrid Older Release
jQuery Grid Plugin 4.4.3 – last version which support IE6
jQuery Grid Plugin 3.8.2
jQuery Grid Plugin 3.7.2
jQuery Grid Plugin 3.6.5
jQuery Grid Plugin 3.5.3
Patch for 3.4.4
jQuery Grid Plugin 3.4.4
jQuery Grid Plugin 3.4.3  jqGrid 3.4.x Documentation (pdf format)
Demo files for 3.4.x

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