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jqGrid 3.5 alfa realese

March 16th, 2009 74 comments

After lot of many user requests and work, I’m happy to introduce a new wave jqGrid realease.
This release is fully integrated with jQuery UI Theming.

The work is just in alfa stage, but I hope that the final will be released soon.
There are a lot of issueas that I should resolve. The most of them are (as usual) in IE browsers.
The theme integration should be polished too.There are some missing things like zebra striping, but I do not find a class in UI theme roller that corresponds to this.

Instead of this, I think that this is a good start.

Will be glad to hear from you what you think. Any recommendations and help will be welcome.

The link to the demo can be found here.

I will publish the final code after some days.



jqGrid 3.4.3 released

March 12th, 2009 9 comments

This is a bug fix release for jqGrid version 3.4. Here is a full list of fixed bugs:

  • fixed bug in treeGrid when try to reload a nodes with trigger(“reloadGrid”)
  • fixed bug in getRootNodes method when adjacency model is used – treeGrid
  • getRowData return correct value of the expanded column when used in treeGrid
  • fixed bug in rowList to send non numeric values
  • fixed bug when grid is used with google maps
  • fixed bug in subgrid to prevent caching in IE when ajax request is made
  • fixed bug in getCell method
  • support of Y-m-d \\TH:i:s in formatter
  • fixed bug in the loader to support utf-8
  • added Czech and Swedish Translations

jqGrid 3.4.2

March 1st, 2009 2 comments

We are happy to introduce a new release of jqGrid – 3.4.2. Mainly this is a bug fix release. All the changes in this version:

Bug fixes

  • checkbox default value bug in CreateEl function
  • when width in colModel is set not as number but as string – i.e ‘200’
  • trigger reloadGrid fix when we use a tree grid. Previous the tree grid does not refresh
  • setSelection method can now support dotted names as id
  • width fix for element of type select in form editing
  • In formedit, celledit and inline edit a dotted names are supported
  • formatter bug when default values from language file are used for elements of types number, integer and date
  • subgrid as grid and inline edit fix when the subgrid has id as those in the currently edited row in the parent
  • cell edit fix when we post data containing <>or “


  • new option deselectAfterSort. The option is applicable only when we use datatype : local. Deselects are currently selected row(s) when a sort is applied. Default value true.
  • in searchGrid method is added option closeAfterSearch. Closes the dialog after we activate the search button. Default value : false
  • new event in subgrid subGridBeforeExpand. When set this event should return true or false. The event is raised just before expanding the grid. If it returns false the subgrid row is not expanded and the subgrid is not opened. To this event we pass 2 parameters – the id if the div and the row id of the parent
  • The behaviour of subGridRowColapsed is changed. The behaviour is similar to those of subGridBeforeExpand. The event should return true or false. When the returned value is false the row can not be collapsed.
  • Added a new parameter in formatter for element of type showlink – addParam. When set this is added at end if the link. To work this the parameter should contain &. Example:
    formater: ‘showlink’, formatoptions: {baseLinkUrl: ‘someurl.php’, addParam: ‘&action=edit’}
    This will output: http: // localhost / someurl.php?id=123&action=edit
  • for tree grid is added new parameter – ExpandColClick. When set the tree is expanded and/or collapsed then we click on the text of the expanded column, not only on the image
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