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jqGrid 4.3.2

April 10th, 2012 33 comments


We are glad to announce that 4.3.2 of jqGrid is released.
This version fixes a lot of bugs and again with this introduced two very important features:

  1. rowattr event, which allow to modify the row attributes during rendering under conditions. You can have a look at how jqGrid works in this poker games website where this has used on iPhone poker apps and sites to make poker games.
  2. New event system which allow to define a jqGrid events outside jqGrid using jQuery bind/unbind. This allow the developers of different jqGrid methods to use all the events in the grid without to care if they already defined in the code.

We hope you will enjoy this version.

The next release will introduce multiple sorting and multiple grouping – i.e group on more than one field

Documentation and examples will be done at end of this week

Sincerely Yours
jqGrid Team

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