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jqGrid 3.5 beta

May 24th, 2009 328 comments

I’m very happy to publish jqGrid 3.5 beta version on this day.
The cahnges are so many so that I will not publish them here. If you download the release you will find a Changes.txt file.

Three very important things are happen with 3.5 beta
1. jQuery UI Theme integration.
2. New rendering engine, which improves the loading speed in some cases up to 10 time faster as of previous releases.
3. At end I have made a decision to remove the loader. From this release I introduce a new download manager which simplicity the procedure of settings the grid to work. Here you can choose what to download. All the files are splited in one file.

As usual the last development source code can be obtained from GitHub.

Do not forget to check the new things here



jqGrid 3.4.4 is out

May 19th, 2009 16 comments

Hello all,
This is a bugfix release and maybe the last of 3.4 series. It is really difficult for me to support two versions of jqGrid. All efforts are concenrned on 3.5 release.

Here is the list of changes. The documentation will be updated as soon as possible.

1. Fixed bug in setRowData where the id of the row has a value = 0
2. Fixed bug in delRowData where the id of the row has value = 0
3. Fixed bug in Safari when the cell value is empty and we try to edit
it (inline, cell and form edit). The input always has a space instead of empty string
4. Fixed bug in loading message where we have multiple grid in tabs
5. Fixed bug in sorting in case of subGrid and datatype=local
6. To the onSelectAll event is passed array of the grid id’s (previous empty array) when we deselect all ids.
7. Added align property in the pure subGrid. By default all are align left
8. To the onRightClickRow event we pass two additional parameter rowIndex and columnIndex onRightClickRow( id, rowIndex, colIndex)
9. added autoencode parameter – common for all editing modules. Default false.
If set to true all the posted data will be html encoded
10. In form editing is added parameter closeOnEscape, which can be passed
to every action. By default is false. If set to true the modal is closed when Esc key is
11. Fixed bug in sortGrid method – passed parameters to sort data function was wrong.
12. Fixed various typos in filterGrid method.
13. Fixed bug in searchGrid method. The evens are passed wrong to the $.isFunction function.
14. Added grid view mode in form edit. The name of the method is viewGridRow
15. Added formoptions object where we can set diffrent parameters to reorder the rows and columns and etc.
16. Fixed bug in subgrid when the json response for the subgrid is empty
17. Fixed bug in treeGrid – ExpandColClick parameter is enabled (again)
18. Added method getFullTreeNode in treeGrid – which return all the children of the given row.
Currently available only in nested set model
19. Fixed bug in getNodeDepth in treeGrid for adjacency model
20. Added option disabled in formatoptions for the checkbox formater.
Default is true. If set to folse the checkboxes are editable when set with the formatter.
21. Added Catalan, Bulgarian(1251) and Japanese Translations


jqGrid 3.5 Alfa 3

May 1st, 2009 67 comments

Happy to introduce the alfa 3 of jqGrid 3.5. This is the last alfa release. Beta will be published soon.
There are a couple of changes. The full list of changes will be published with the beta release.
Important changes in alfa 3.
– ARIA ready (this can be discussed in the future)
– UI Dialog will not be supported (excluded from alfa3). I have made a decision to make own modal (at end).

In order to process easy user contributions I have publish the source code to GitHub.

The link to the updated demo can be found here

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