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jQuery Grid 3.3

October 14th, 2008 25 comments

jqGrid team is pleased to anonce the new 3.3 version of jqGrid. This version correct a lot of bugs and of course add more power to jqGrid. Be a sure to visit the demo page for some of the new features. The Documentation is up to date and you can view all the changes here. Thank you Reg for the great job.
The pdf version of the docs will be available tomorrow.
A lot of the new features are available thanks to NutshellMail team. They use jqGrid in thier flagship web-based service application.


jqGrid Future

October 10th, 2008 28 comments

For me is difficult to write such post, but…
It is over a year and half from the first release of jqGrid. At the begining I created this plugin for my own needs, since I do not have find any practical and easy for use grid software. I never believe that this plugin will be so popular and used from jQuery community.
In every new release I added more and more features thanks to jQuery community. From this point it was a very natural to have a separate site and support form, which help me and help you to resolve any kind of problems related to jqGrid.
This of course cost me a lot of time and work. During this year and half there was only one contribution to jqGrid.
Many people asked me why I do not have Donation button? Any attempt to add such button ends with no success. The reason for this, let say, are the laws in my Country regarding the donations.
I have make a decision to add a Paid Support as alternative to Donation. The sums of course will be symbolic.
I think that this will help us to provide a high quality and well documented and supported jqGrid.
It is important to note that jqGrid is and will be in the future a Open Source software.

In this connection I want hear – What is the opinion of the community?
In all cases I will take your opinion in consideration.
I aplogize for my not good English.

Thank you
Tony Tomov

P.S. Next week I will publish jqGrid Roadmap.

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