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Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.0 is released

December 20th, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments


We are glad to announce the new release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.8.0.
This version is a minor release and add improvements in local exporting, add new col-span
header method to, new experimental comboGrid, improved columns searching and much more.

The release has a lot of important bug fixes.

For a full list of additions and fixes look below:

Additions and Updates

  • When groupHeader is on the names appear in columns colmenu
  • Support colSpamStyle when export to excel and pdf and header grouping is on
  • ColumnChooser can not take in account grouping header values. To activate set groupHeaders to true in the method options.
  • Define inColumnHeader function as common to overcome writing repeated code
  • Added experimental comboGrid method
  • filterInput method can now be used for remote(ajax) data. Added new parameter to it selectFirstFound to highlight(select) the first found record in grid and firstFoundTimeout
  • Add new boolean parameter in bindKeys – onSlectRow – which disables or enables the execution of onSelectRow when enter is pressed. Default true.
  • Make getGridRowById method to use the much faster namedItem JavaScript build in function.
  • Add new method getGridRowByIndex to return the grid row by index.
  • Add grid parameter defaultColWidth default column width parameter in case the width is not set in colModel.
  • Add maxWidth option in colModel to support maximum width in columns. See https://github.com/tonytomov/jqGrid/issues/1019#issuecomment-1296806264
  • Add two new methods hideSearchCol and showSearchCol to show and hide columns when searchCols is on
  • Update the Romanian language file
  • Added onHeaderKeyCheck event in the methods ariaHeaderGrid or in setAriaGrid to check the key when the navigation is on the header cells. Accept index an event as parameters.
  • Change the number of parameters of onKeyCheck in ariaGrid ariaBodyGrid and excelLike grid
  • Add option visibleCoumns in searchColOptions to exclude a search on certain columns.
  • Remove column menu when show/hide col and do not remove it when sorting
  • Changes in dialogs bootstrap5
  • Add possibility to include fields by name in the summaryTpl formatting string. See https://github.com/tonytomov/jqGrid/issues/1015#issuecomment-1176405115
  • Add possibility to export only visible tree nodes in all export modules. The option is visibleTreeNodes, which by default is false.
  • Add option excel_header_format in exportoptions to separately format the header labels in export to excel.
  • Added new event replace_header_format, which is similar to replace_format, but only for the headers
  • Add labels array in data object parameter so that we can modify all the data before export in export modules. See customizeData event.
  • Adding Shift key to the disabled array in searchColOnKey method.
  • Added multiseparator option (string) in select editoptions to custom separate the data when multiple select is used instead of “,”
  • triggerToolbar function accept parameter page to load certain page after triggering the search.
  • Add methods setColSpanHeader and destroyColSpanHeader to span header cells in grid header.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix scrollMaxBuffer to work correct when virtual scroll is enabled.
  • Fix colmenu select in bootstrap5
  • Fix customFilterDef to run correctly after replacing eval
  • Fix loadState and jqGridExport methods to work correct when searchCols is on.
  • Fix not needed calculation when autoResizing is off, which can cause memory and time consuming in case of relative many rows and columns
  • Fix for bootstrap 3 css
  • Fix sizingString Function to accept options from formatter.
  • Fix title in serch dialog subgroup button
  • Fix for rtl
  • Fix sorting parameters when grouping is removed
  • CSS fixes for bootstrap5
  • Fix Bootstrap5 alert class
  • Fix grouping when groupingCollapse true and showSummaryOnHide. See https://github.com/tonytomov/jqGrid/issues/1014
  • Fix searchColOnEnter to work correct when frozenRows is on
  • Fix bootstrap5 to view the form without transparency
  • Fix horizontal scroll when filterToolbar.
  • Fix exportToExcel date fields.
  • Fix export hidden cols in exportToExcel
  • Fixing destroyColSpanHeader to do hide=false on the hidden spanning columns
  • Fix form edit form when initially set to auto and then reopen it without to change its position
  • Fixes for Bootstrap5 – search dialog and filter toolbar.
  • Small fix in setFrozenRows when data is already here (to quick)
  • Fix setRowData in case of treeGrid and the column is leaf

Enjoy the new Release
Kind Regards,
Guriddo Team

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