Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.7 is released

June 1st, 2024 No comments

New version 5.8.7 of Guriddo jqGrid JS is released. The version contain numerous bug fixes and a lot of useful additions. Below the full list of the additions and fixes.

Additions and Updates

  • Add new function to add custom excel style – font and colors in onBeforeExport event
  • Added parameters – this, value and options in editoptions.value object when it is a function. See: the complette ajax event with success to fix server latency.Changes in headerData and footerData – added actions, addrow, delrow, remove. Action set can set data on certain position. Additional parameter is added index – to determine on which index to perform the action
  • Added parameter method (default GET) to excelExport which allow posting data with GET or POST
  • Add postForm function to post data to server without ajax
  • Add shadow class to support it in columnMenus and navigator actions menu
  • Add support for label class in form editing + fix position of dropmenu in navigator
  • Addition: if custom_value function return #ignoreme# the element is not added to the postdata to be posted to the server. This allow to ignore element by condition when post to the server.
  • Add function isVisible to resize only visible grids when responsive flag is on
  • Add minGridWidth and maxGridWidth grid parameters to which grid can not be resized defaults are 100 and 3000.
  • Add boolean grid parameter resizeHeight (true) to resize height when responsive is on. Set it to false does not resize the gridheight
  • Add name attribute to the pager selectbox
  • Add deleteIfExists in dbconfig (indexedDB) to determine if the existing data should be cleared when loading new one. Add reader property in the same to filter records – this can be a Function
  • Add onMultiSelect event which executes when action is performed
  • Add onErrorLoadData for simple subgrid when do ajax request. Added ajax error event in ajax populatesubgrid function.
  • To the multiselect checkboxes we can apply custom formatter
  • Add possibility in info_dialog to control the overlay
  • Add option items in colMenuAdd o be a possible to create one level submenu. Properties for text icon and run of items array are the same as for item menu
  • Optimize starsWith and endsWith in from function
  • Add tooltip property to setColSpanHeader too.
  • Add tooltip (title attribute) to setGroupHeaders
  • In onkeyCheck event is added a object baseFunc which contain the basic functions for movements in excelLikegrid. The following are available: bF.isValidCellm bF.getNextCell, bF.getNextVisibleCell, bF.movePage

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for setColSpanHeader to support html lables
  • Fix setColSpanHeader to accept html tags in titleText
  • Fix rowNum and other issues related to the rowIndex. See,
  • Set info_dialog to get the style in case the defaults.styleUI is set.
  • Fix deprecated substr in all modules. See:,
  • Re-initializing v variable to prevent its assignment to the next filter fields
  • Fix grid in case it is within form tag and a enter is pressed. This caused submitting a form
  • Fix editing cell if row is disabled with a disabled class
  • Fix cellEdit in case no ariabody and enter key saves the cell.
  • Fix destroyGrid in case the grid does not exists
  • The footerData and headerData methods should get the un-formatted value when format parameter is on
  • Add scope=col to labels. We need to fix this for the grouped headers too.
  • Fix modal classes and info_dialog function
  • Show info dialog when error in indexedDB crud operations.
  • Fixes in deletestorageRecord and addstoragerecord and updatestoragerecords method in indexedDB
  • Fix selectAll check box not to be on when there are no records in the grid and preserveSelection is on
  • Fix identify selects in search form – the must have at minimum name attribute
  • Fix delete dialog width (bootstrap 5)
  • Fix navGrid not to create alertmod info dialog when it is created. This causes too many content in case of subgrids with navigators. Now we create in line dialog and remove it after it is closed.
  • Fix Add name attribute to some inputs elements for browser readers
  • Fix autowidth to be calculated before to put any content from the grid. Small improvements for bootstrap
  • Fix check the unformatted value in editCell
  • Fix setGridWidth to remove the unneeded scroll when height auto and grid is resized.
  • Fix dropmenu=true to show all description texts when no button text is set
  • Fix custom button margin in pager in BS5 CSS
  • Fix calculating the count and return the right style number in addExcelStyle method.
  • Fixes for headerData/footerData in bootstrap.
  • Fix getTextWidth to update the font correct every time it is called with different one.
  • Fix in indexedDB when sortname are not set. We set the first field from colModel
  • Fix autosize_headers in case the label is changed with setLabel method.
  • Update grid.locale-he.js
  • Fix frozen columns when grouping and the grid is initially invisible: See
  • Fix frozen Columns in case of grouping and height auto See:
  • Fix returnAsString in ExportToCsv
  • Change the logic of saving the row when textarea and enter is pressed. First we check for onEnter event and then if the input is textarea.
  • Fix modal position when rtl and width is set to auto

Enjoy the new version
Happy coding
Guriddo jqGrid Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.5 is released

July 19th, 2023 1 comment

A bug fix release 5.8.5 of jqGrid is published.

Below the list fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • Revert back the change related to scrolling frozen columns.The new fix remove preventDefault, which break the code in certain situations. Making better
  • When calculating the the text length for autoresizing we need to exclude the hidden texts, done with using outerText property instead of text or html
  • To the summary property of the groups we add the un-formated value which property is uv
  • Fix frozen columns when label is empty according to the changed accesibility
  • Fix check empty label columns in grouping and frozenColumns according to the new accessibility improvements
  • Fix filterToolbar to be in sync with setColSpanHeader.
  • Fix autoResizing to work correct with setColSpaneaders
  • Fix for rowTotal – the issue is that if set in grid options that does not take any affect.
  • 1 pixel fix if autowidth option is set and when expand to the window width

It is highly recommended when upgrading to this release to replace the CSS and language files too.


Happy coding.

Guriddo Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.4 is released

June 24th, 2023 No comments

We are happy to inform you that new version 5.8.4 of Guriddo jqGrid JS is released. This is bug fix release with many fixes. It also add support for indexeddb in case of working with big data on local computer. Below the full list of the additions and changes.

Additions and Updates

  • Add indexeddb driver. Work with indexeddb table – searching, sorting, paging, update, delete insert record
  • Support objects on $.jgrid.template
  • Added new option in export to pdf: centerTableOnPage – to center the table on the page.
  • Add method groupingResetCalcs to reset calculations in case of switching from one datatype to another. The method should be used before calling the triggering with the new datatype, See here:
  • Create two methods for updating in background the Edit and View form. Parameter pass to these methods is the id. See

Bug Fixes

  • Fix selection and deselection in Frozen rows. Multiselect for now is not supported
  • Fix calculation of position of frozen rows and resizing when responsive is on
  • Fix empty on icon sort
  • Fix frozen div to scroll with mouse wheel.
  • Fix formatting summary values to be available everywhere. See
  • Fix for titlebar close button in case font-size is going bigger
  • resizeColumn should not resize hidden fields.
  • Fix frozen columns height when white-space is set to pre-line or normal in table cell
  • Fix change the page after push Enter key into pager input
  • Change the page after push Enter key into pager input
  • Add a significant text to indicate that the span is empty or has no value
  • Fix Empty table header
  • Add title to row selection checkbox
  • Remove the grid role in ‘ui-jqgrid-view’ div and add it in inner grid tables
  • thead should have the rowgroup role
  • Fix options without value accessibility issue
  • Add title to checkbox to indicate if the checkbox is checked or unchecked
  • Use concrete listbox role instead of abstract select role
  • Add focus to the cross “x” to clean the column filter when we navigate the table with keyboard and add the click event that cleans the column filter value
  • Add title to the column filter cells
  • Add hidden span text to indicate div is empty
  • Fix losing focus when autoresizing is on, with foren columns on, and search toolbar on, which frozen column is active search (the last one to close the door)
  • Fix caption position when jQuery UI and menubar is true
  • Support data.footer as array in export to excel if the data is customized.
  • Fix focusing when paging and editing in ariagrid and excelLikeGrid
  • Fix formatter actions edit del icons to be restored when beforeEdit return false.
  • Small fixes for bootstrap 5 css
  • Fix page 1 of 0 when no records on local data
  • All events in the export now are called so that this within the event refer to grid and its properties
  • FilterInput shouod return default object in case there is no value – this prevent filters froperty to be a full when no data is searched.
  • Fix pivot in case yDimension value can not be get
  • Fix toppager to show the total number of pages
  • Do not prevent default when simulate click from other program
  • Reload parent node when perform deleting in tree
  • Make grouping calculations equal to dattype jsonstring and local – loop througth all the data.
  • Fix wrong calculation of average value
  • Fix exports in case average value is 0
  • Fix data grouping to support frozen columns
  • Fix all export modules when data grouping

Enjoy the new version
Happy coding
Guriddo jqGrid Team


Guriddo Suito PHP version 7.0.0 is released

March 28th, 2023 No comments

Dear all,

We are happy to let you know that the new 7.0.0 version of our Guriddo Suito PHP  is available from today. This is a completely new version rewritten for PHP 8.

This version has the same functionalities as the previous one, but is optimized to work with PHP 8.

In general, the new things that are available in this version are:

1. Full support for bootstrap 5
2. Brand new auto-completer and date-picker components with Bootstrap 5 support.
3. Logger for easy troubleshooting.
4. Completely new Scheduler with a modified interface
5. Improved operation of form and validation classes
6. Improved export to PDF, Excel and CSV
7. Completely redesigned demonstration center
8. A new class of transposed grid
9. Improved installation of Visual Form builder
10. Completely rewritten documentation

and many more improvements and bug fixes.

(Check the Demo on this site to see updates.)

Due to the fact that it is quite difficult to maintain standard (obfuscated) and subscription versions, we have decided from today to have only one version of the product.

Obfuscation is not a solution to preserve technology solutions, and so we decided to only have a source code version. This will make it too easy for the developers and ourselves.

The trail version that we will provide for testing will be trimmed from many features and will only show the main capabilities of the product.

All users with an active subscription plan will receive the new version.

For all existing customers without an active subscription plan, we are offering 60% discount to renew until the end of April.

The old version 5.5.5 will be supported for one year without further development. All efforts and funds will be directed to the new seventh version.

We hope that these changes will make your work easier and better.

As always, we put product support first and strive to improve it with your feedback.

Last but not least, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to all our existing users who took part in testing the new product and all the while giving us valuable advice to improve it.

Best wishes for fruitful work
Guriddo Team


Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.2 is released

January 30th, 2023 No comments

We are pleased to announce the release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.8.2. This is a bug fix release.

Below is the list of the fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • Update ES language
  • Fix Can’t read properties of undefined colSpanHeader
  • Fix column menu to be a scrollable in case of many columns
  • Fixing not needed groups when build search and splitSearch function is on
  • Fix excel export when colSpanHeader is on. Add mergecell in data object to all custom merging cells
  • Fixes for comboGrid
  • Fix frozen rows to prevent error when rowids array parameter is not defined – now rowids array is defined
  • Fix Japanese language runtime error
  • Fix exportToPdf when group header is on
  • add method isServiceCol which return true if column is checkbox, row number, subgrid or search column
  • Fix for columnChooser
  • Add afterSetGroupHandler event which raises every time after group header is created
  • Fix export to excel and pdf when group header is on and certain column of group is set to hidden.

Enjoy the version
Guriddo Team

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