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Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.8.2 is released

January 30th, 2023 No comments

We are pleased to announce the release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.8.2. This is a bug fix release.

Below is the list of the fixes:

Bug Fixes

  • Update ES language
  • Fix Can’t read properties of undefined colSpanHeader
  • Fix column menu to be a scrollable in case of many columns
  • Fixing not needed groups when build search and splitSearch function is on
  • Fix excel export when colSpanHeader is on. Add mergecell in data object to all custom merging cells
  • Fixes for comboGrid
  • Fix frozen rows to prevent error when rowids array parameter is not defined – now rowids array is defined
  • Fix Japanese language runtime error
  • Fix exportToPdf when group header is on
  • add method isServiceCol which return true if column is checkbox, row number, subgrid or search column
  • Fix for columnChooser
  • Add afterSetGroupHandler event which raises every time after group header is created
  • Fix export to excel and pdf when group header is on and certain column of group is set to hidden.

Enjoy the version
Guriddo Team

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