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jqForm and jqForm Visual Builder

October 24th, 2011 9 comments

Hello All,

As you know, in addition to our open-source jqGrid project, we ship a number of different commercial components for PHP, ASP.NET MVC and WebForms. Today we’d like to share with you our latest product – jqForm + jqFormBuilder for PHP. It is a very powerful form-builder solution that beats what currently exists on the market and integrates flawlessly in all PHP based application. This means that you can embed jqForm and our form builder interface in your WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/Custom PHP site and offer this functionality to your end-users.
As usual, our client-side code is based on jQuery, our theming is jQuery UI ThemeRoller based – typically everything that you’d come to expect from us after all those years. We are priced very competitively and we do hope you check out our demos here:

HTML5 jqForm Builder Demo
Various forms

This is a short video of the functionality of our Form Builder product.

Any questions – welcome. Happy coding.


jqGrid 4.2.0

October 11th, 2011 26 comments

We are happy to inform you that the new 4.2.0 version of jqGrid is out. This release fixes a lot of bugs and adds new features and improvements.
Bellow is the list of some of them

  • jQuery 1.6.x cmpatible
  • Added header grouping
  • idPrefix parameter in the grid to allow not have duplicate id in data row ids in case of two or more grids.
  • if the beforeRequest event return false the ajax request can be canceled.
  • Added beforeProcessing event which raises immediatley after the successed ajax request and before executing the adding new data.
  • Adding Croatian localization
  • RTL support for the new searchFilter module
  • Controlling the positions and dimensions of alert dialog – adding the following parameters in navGrid method – alertwidth, alertheight, alerttop, alertleft. alertzIndex
  • Allow user to override request method for inline edits (GET,POST) – i.e added mtype parameter
  • Support for optgroup in inline edit

The full list of fixes and changes can be seen here

In the next major release (at end of this year) we will introduce a frozen column feature.

Enjoy the new version
jqGrid Team

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