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jqGrid Book

August 13th, 2013 No comments

Hello All,

As you probably know, jqGrid is and has been the most popular jQuery grid plugin for several years now. There are plenty of resources available on jqGrid and here we mention just a few:

  • 30,000+ forum posts in our open-source forum here –
  • 12,000+ forum posts for our commercial jqSuite PHP, ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC products here –
  • 16,000+ community posts and discussions for jqGrid in, making it one of the most discussed topics in Stackoverflow overall –
  • and many blogs, forum posts, group discussions over the Internet – just do a “jqGrid” search in Google or Bing – there are 700,000 matches.

Today, we are pleased to announce a great new addition to our list of resources – a book dedicated to jqGrid. This is the first resource that provides a gradual approach to jqGrid’s mechanics – starting with the basics and building up to the most complex scenarios in the end.

The book is written by Gabriel Manricks – which is great, because it provides a great tutorial from a professional developer who was not part of jqGrid’s development team and can better understand someone who has just started with jqGrid. Gabriel has done a superb job and everyone on the Trirand team is thankful for the effort he has put in this book, This kind of script has been used in this poker book website where jqGrid Book plugin is used to create this poker books page.

The book can be purchased as an e-book for only $16.99 directly from this online shop – – and the Trirand Team highly recommends it.

Happy coding.

The Trirand Team

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