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jqGrid 3.8 Beta

August 2nd, 2010 44 comments

Dear All,
We are happy to inform you that the long awaited 3.8 version is out.
The 3.8 Release is aimed to be a VERY MAJOR Update to out jqGrid JavaScript library.

The biggest news is the availability of Grouping. You can now group rows by column, including group footer summaries with or without grand total.

Version 3.8 now also brings OFFICIAL support for the latest jQuery core release 1.4.2+ and jQuery UI ThemeRoller 1.8.2+. From this moment onwards, we will provide support for these releases only and upwards, but only in jqGrid 3.8+. Older versions of jqGrid are reported to work fine with jQuery 1.3.x and ThemeRoller 1.7.x, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using 3.8 if you use the latest jQuery releases.

With every new minor release of 3.8 we will fix the following issues:

  • Duplicated id’s when more than one grid is available in the page
  • Name-space related problems in the module grid.common.js This mean that every function in this module will be converted to jgrid name-space
  • In order to minimize the size of the library we will move a lot of unused methods to a separate file which then will be not available in 3.9 release.

We hope that with these changes we make the jqGrid one of the best grid component.

Here is the link to the demo:
jqGrid 3.8 Demo
Here are the demo files with the beta version
jqGrid Demo Files and Source

jqGrid Team

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