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jQuery Grid 3.0

March 22nd, 2008 18 comments

I’m happy that at end the 3.0 version of jqGrid is out. The good news is that the full documentation is ready. It was a hard work for me since my English is not very good. I apologize if there are some errors and hope to correct them with a help of community.



jQuery Grid 3.0 final preview

March 7th, 2008 23 comments

Hi all. After a lot of work and help of community I have done the final release of jqGrid. The changes of the final release are big. First of all jqGrid have modular structure. The grid is divided in four modules – basic grid, inline editing module, subgrid module and the new form editing module. This way it is easy to do something into the module without changing the basic of the grid. The new form editing module uses two external plugins (I do not want to reinvert the wheel) jqModal and jqDnR from Brice Burgess.
The second news is that the grid has a lot of new themes. I hope you will enjoy them.
Of course there are a lot of bug fixes.
The preview release can be found here

This is not official release. It will be official when the documentation is done. I’m working hard on this.

I hope you will Enjoy

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