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Guriddo jqGrid 5.0.1 is released

October 19th, 2015 3 comments

Hello All,

Today we released Guriddo jqGrid 5.0.1. This is a bug fix release. We have fixed a lot of bugs and added small improvements. The list of changes:

Additions and Changes

  • Updates in Bulgarian, German Russian and Italian language files
  • Additions in setRegional method in order to load big data.
  • Add restoreFromFilters parameter in toolbarSearch method to restore the state after searching and when save/load state is used
  • Adding keyevent parameter in editRow method (inline edit) to define a desired key event. Default ‘keydown’. When used with boostrap typeahead use ‘keyup’ value of place of keydown.
  • Added sortname and sortorder in xDimension, so that grouping can be controlled.
  • Aded ignoreCase in pivot options in case this is needed in some special situations
  • Adding afterSetGrid event parameter in loadGridState to do some thing after the grid is loaded in searching and save/load state is used
  • .

  • Added a common function $.jgrid.isGridInStorage
  • Added restoreCellonFail which determine if the cell should be set or restored on fail. Default true
  • Update Spanish Translation
  • Pivot avg fact added
  • Experimental: Position the validation error dialog next to the cell input element in cell edit

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bootstrap theme to use table condesed in pager
  • Removing bad added comments in grid CSS
  • Fix rowTotals in PivotGrid
  • Fix restore the state of the grid when a custom buttons are added with navButtonAdd, navSeparatorAdd
  • Fix loadState method to restore the search strings in filterToolbar
  • Fix for jqDrag which jumps the window to a default position after draging. Now we use a tinyDragable plugin by Simon Steinberger
  • Fix Including frozenColumns in the restoring the grid state
  • Fix local sorting and multisorting to work correct with the indexes when datatype is local
  • Fix bug in navgrid wheh responsive parameter is not set and width does not match.
  • Fixes for navigator drop down menu – stopPropagation and click the right menu button in case of more than one grid in page
  • Grid should be unloaded in loadState method only when all conditions are meet
  • Fix language text (in language files) to be set correct in navButton menu
  • Prevent navgrid to be loaded when storeNavOptions is true, but navigator is not initially run
  • delRowData should reset the select row only if it is equal to the rowid parameter
  • Fix for columnChooser when show/hide selected columns. We need to use .is(”:selected”)
  • Fix reference to table body in addXMLData.
  • Replace indexOF with inArray (IE8 fix)

Happy codding!

Kind Regards,
Guriddo Team

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