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jQuery Grid 2.0

August 4th, 2007 48 comments

I have made a decision to go direct to version 2.0, since this release has a lot of new features and bug fixes. Thanks to all that helped me to make this better. I will begin with a fixed bugs.

  • IE and Safari hanging when some values in the xml node are empty – i.e. <row></row>. Now I use a different approach – see the new features.
  • IE does not format correct the table row if some data is empty – I analyze the data and add a space if it is empty.
  • Sorting problem if we do not set sort property in the column model.
  • Pager does not have correct navigation if we use a onSelectRow method and are on the first(last) page and clicking the first(last) or previous (next) page buttons.
  • Now the Grid can read a xml file which is not returned from any server side language (thanks to Damian).

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