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jqGrid 3.4 beta 2

January 27th, 2009 55 comments

Hello All,
Mainly this is a bug fix release, but it add some other things that must be done and promised.
List of changes:

  • jQuery 1.3.1 support
  • Tree grid support now Adjacency model
  • added to setLabel 4 parameter – attribute array to set atribute properties to element

Corrected Bugs

  • setCell – attribute fix
  • onSelectCell is raised instead of multiselect
  • corrected multiple bug and size properties of the select in cleateEl function
  • fixed bug in pager buttuns when they have attr disabled
  • fixed bug in inline edit when edittype select
  • fixed bug in TreeGrid to support json
  • fixed bug in sgetRowData method in IE7 when jQuery 1.3.1 is used
  • Code optimizations and other minor fixes

At end of week I will publish a working examples with Tree Grid – xml and json support.
Please post any bugs in the forum

Best Regards
jqGrid Team


Help Testing jqGrid 3.4 beta

January 11th, 2009 36 comments

After lot of hard work we are pleased to announce a 3.4 beta release of jqGrid. This version should not be used in production, since it will be quite possible to change some things. Please post any bugs or recommendations in the forum.
The release can be downloaded from Releses menu. Whitin the package there is a readme file which describes all changes and how to use the new things.
Here in brief what is new
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