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Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.1.0

March 3rd, 2016 11 comments


We are glad to announce the immediate availability of Guriddo jqGrid JS 5.1.0 This is a major release and includes a lot of new features and fixes:

Additions and Updates

  • Add new event parameter in filterToolbar method – onClearSearchValue and corresponding jqGridToolbarClearVal. To this event are passed the following parameters: html element, column index, searchoptions, default value
  • Added a options between. The option is valid only in filterToolbar method. To use this feature the values in search field should be separated with “…”. Example – to parse values between 1 and 10 the following should be entered: 1…10 in the search field. Click for demo here
  • Added a possibility to use multi select in toolbar searching. Any multiselect plugin can be used.For this purpose a new parameter is added in filterToolbar method – groupOpSelect to determine the group operand when multi select is on Can be AND or OR. Default is AND. Click for demo here
  • Update Japanese translation
  • Added new method refreshFilterToolbar This method only refresh the toolbar filter and does not use reload to reload data. It loads the values from filters parameter in postData
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Added option uniqueSearchFields (boolean – default false) in jqFilter respectively in searchGrid methods form searching which allow the searched field to appear only once in the search list. Click for demo here
  • Added search option searchOperMenu in colModel searchoptions property (valid only in filterToolbar method) which enable/disable the search operators menu for particular field in colModel. The option work with global searchOperator option
  • Added event isHasSubGrid in grid parameters. To the event is passed the row id. If defined it is executed on every row before the subgrid is build. If the event return false the subgrid for that row is not builded. The plus icon disappear. Click for demo here
  • searchTree method now return only the result founds with its parents. Click for demo here.
  • Added sortable plugin not depended on jQuery UI lib.
  • Added grid option colMenu which if set to true will enable column menus on every grid colum header with different actions. Added visual representation of colMenu for Bootstrap and jQuery UI. Added option colmenu in colModel to enable/disable the menu for particular column. The following actions are present in the menu – sorting, filtering, grouping, freeze, show/hide reorder columns. Click for demo here
  • Add event parameter beforeExport in excelExport method to modify/add parameters in the export url.
  • Added options exporthidden and exportgrouping in excelExport (default false) for exporting colModel hidden property and grouping options. Useful in server side exporting like PHP ASP and etc
  • Add parameter reverse in getNodeAncestor method which if set to true will return the nodes in natural order – i.e first root , then first child and etc
  • Add parameter expanded in getNodeAncestor method which if set to true will return the nodes with expanded property set to true
  • Added simple filterInput method which allow with single value to filter on all fields in the grid. Works only when datatype is local. Click for demo here
  • Added new parameter in getNodeChildren method – currentview to get (walk) nodes from current view or whole local data

Bug Fixes

  • Fix padding in toolbar search inputs
  • More precise calculation of totaltime – time to put the data in grid
  • Fix sort and search in treegrid.

Your Guriddo Team


Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript 5.0.2 released

January 18th, 2016 4 comments

Hello All,

We are happy to inform you that the new 5.0.2 version of Guriddo jqGrid is available for download.

Mainly this is a bug fix release, but it add support for jQuery 1.12.0/2.20 and introduces some improvements in form editing – support for radio buttons custom fields.

The full list of changes can be read in documentation wiki page

Enjoy the new version
Guriddo Team


Guriddo Suito PHP 5.0.1

November 9th, 2015 No comments

Hello all,

We are placed to announce the Guriddo Suito 5.0.1 version. This version is a bug fix release. Again with fixes in the Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript the following additions and fixes are performed in the Guriddo Suito PHP :


  • Added is ignoreCaseSearch property. The default is false. Setting the property similar to

$grid->ignoreCaseSearch = true;

In this case the search will be case insensitive. Again with this we added a new method setSearchOptions with wich help a custom configuration can be made. The method accept array with the following two parameters:


$grid->setSearchOptions( array ( "sqlfunc" => "UPPER", "phpfunc" => "strtoupper" ));


The sqlfunc is the SQL function which is applied to the searched field, while the phpfunc is a PHP function applied to the searched value. These function can be customized by developer

  • Force setting the varchar and char field types as string in true excel export
  • Fix adoddb driver to set the fetch mode correct when exporting
  • Cosmetic fixes in all Db drivers


Happy codding!

Kind Regards,

Guriddo Team


Guriddo jqGrid 5.0.1 is released

October 19th, 2015 3 comments

Hello All,

Today we released Guriddo jqGrid 5.0.1. This is a bug fix release. We have fixed a lot of bugs and added small improvements. The list of changes:

Additions and Changes

  • Updates in Bulgarian, German Russian and Italian language files
  • Additions in setRegional method in order to load big data.
  • Add restoreFromFilters parameter in toolbarSearch method to restore the state after searching and when save/load state is used
  • Adding keyevent parameter in editRow method (inline edit) to define a desired key event. Default ‘keydown’. When used with boostrap typeahead use ‘keyup’ value of place of keydown.
  • Added sortname and sortorder in xDimension, so that grouping can be controlled.
  • Aded ignoreCase in pivot options in case this is needed in some special situations
  • Adding afterSetGrid event parameter in loadGridState to do some thing after the grid is loaded in searching and save/load state is used
  • .

  • Added a common function $.jgrid.isGridInStorage
  • Added restoreCellonFail which determine if the cell should be set or restored on fail. Default true
  • Update Spanish Translation
  • Pivot avg fact added
  • Experimental: Position the validation error dialog next to the cell input element in cell edit

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bootstrap theme to use table condesed in pager
  • Removing bad added comments in grid CSS
  • Fix rowTotals in PivotGrid
  • Fix restore the state of the grid when a custom buttons are added with navButtonAdd, navSeparatorAdd
  • Fix loadState method to restore the search strings in filterToolbar
  • Fix for jqDrag which jumps the window to a default position after draging. Now we use a tinyDragable plugin by Simon Steinberger
  • Fix Including frozenColumns in the restoring the grid state
  • Fix local sorting and multisorting to work correct with the indexes when datatype is local
  • Fix bug in navgrid wheh responsive parameter is not set and width does not match.
  • Fixes for navigator drop down menu – stopPropagation and click the right menu button in case of more than one grid in page
  • Grid should be unloaded in loadState method only when all conditions are meet
  • Fix language text (in language files) to be set correct in navButton menu
  • Prevent navgrid to be loaded when storeNavOptions is true, but navigator is not initially run
  • delRowData should reset the select row only if it is equal to the rowid parameter
  • Fix for columnChooser when show/hide selected columns. We need to use .is(”:selected”)
  • Fix reference to table body in addXMLData.
  • Replace indexOF with inArray (IE8 fix)

Happy codding!

Kind Regards,
Guriddo Team


Summer Magic Begins: Special Offer

August 12th, 2015 No comments

Dear, Friends!

We’d like to use the Summer Holidays to say thank you for using Guriddo products and for help to making it the most popular jQuery grid control on the market.

Starting today, you can now purchase commercial licenses for jqGrid.Mobile for Javascript.

Finally, Summer is here and we would like to offer you a special Summer promotion for all Guriddo products. Starting today and throughout the month of September 15, 2015 a bonus package is available for all Guriddo products. This coincides with the 5.0 release of all our major suites – Javascript, PHP. We have introduced many new products, features and fixes, including the brand new native Bootstrap support.

And finally – buy our product and get jqGrid.Mobile JavaScript for free

You are still not a registered user? Do not worry about this. We have a special offer for you! You can purchase a license of any of our product and get jqGrid.Mobile JavaScript for free. During this time you will be able to get the technical support, use prerelease versions of the product updates that you can immediately use in your projects.

How to use this offer?
It is very simple! You need to go to the purchase page of our website, choose the software product that suits you and pay for it.

For getting more information, please send your request to our sales department


Kind Regards,

Tony Tomov

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