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Guriddo jqGrid JS version 5.6.0 is released

November 3rd, 2021 Leave a comment Go to comments

We are glad to announce the new release of Guriddo jqGrid JavaScript version 5.6.0.
This version is a minor release and add improvements in CSS styling (Bootstrap 5 support), aria grid, excel like grid navigaion and frozen columns improvements. The version has a numerous bug fixes. Below is the full list of all changes, bug fixes and additions.

Additions and Updates

  • Add support for Bootstrap5
  • Add method excelLikeGrid to simulate editing and key navigation like Excel
  • Add event onFrozenColumnsCall which is triggered every time the method setFrozenColumns is called
  • Adding new option in colModel labelClasses, which add custom classes to the labels in the grid.
  • Replace javascrip eval function in all jqGrid code
  • Improve ariaGrid and cellEdit to work better together
  • Remove deprecated :eq and :first from setRowData method and replace it with .eq()
  • Add customCellAction event in ariaGrid which raises when the user press key different from the predefined one up, down and etc.
  • Update package.json to include the repository
  • Add new common parameter frozenColCount to indicate the number of frozen columns when set
  • Add Support for cell editing when ariaGrid and excelLikeGrid method(s) are activated.
  • Add method getLastVisibleCol to get the index of last visible col
  • Method setCell now support frozen columns.
  • Method delRowData now support frozen columns
  • Method setRowData now support frozen columns
  • Add new method groupingInit, which set the grouping parameters to initial state.
  • Add In groupingRemove method second parameter, which if set to true destroy all the grouping data
  • Adding common function $.jgrid.isNull

Bug fixes

  • Fix misalignment of columns when frozen columns and grouped headers
  • Fix frozen columns in case scrollOffset will be set manually
  • Fix for multi-select plugin remove all button, to work correct after the second click
  • Fix adding classes property to the invisible first row in the grid – class=firstrow.
  • Fix set predefined custom style in export to excel.
  • Fix in addRowData method when no not rows in the grid
  • Fix resizeGrid method when grid height is set to auto
  • Fix hide no records row when emptyRecordRow is false
  • Fix scrollbar in case no data and resizeGrid is called
  • Fix saveRow to pass correct parameter in custom formatter when edit type is select
  • Fix position of alert box in form edit in case the grid has height auto or 100%
  • Fix refershFilterToolbar method to take in account the index from colModel
  • Fix – do not create frozen divs and multiple calls of frozen columns without to destroy it first
  • Fix setLabel method to work correct when column menu is enabled
  • Fix colMenuBeforeProcess to be called in customMenu actions
  • Fix for sortable (remapColumns method) to correct reorder grouping cells, when grouping is activated.

Enjoy the new version
Happy coding
Guriddo jqGrid Team

  1. Chandrika
    May 3rd, 2023 at 13:50 | #1

    jquery.jqGrid.src.js file CDN not found in this version, what should I replace with this file. If I don’t include this file, I am getting this error in console

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘integer’)

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