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Guriddo Suito PHP 5.1.1 released

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the release of Guriddo Suito PHP 5.1.1. This is a bug fix release and includes the following additions and fixes:


Additions and Updates

  • Add possibility to save the exported result (csv, excel, pdf) to a server.
    Added 3 new parameters in the appropriate csv, pdf excel options
    – save_to_disk (boolean default false)
    – save_to_disk_only (boolean default false) ,
    – disk_file (string default empty string)
  • Added custom function in scheduler public $customFunc = null;.
    The function work the same way as in grid. The first parameter is the operation
    and the second is the data for that operation.
    The operation can be: ‘editEvent’,’removeEvent’,’newEvent’,’resizeEvent’, ‘moveEvent’
  • Added error messaging in Scheduler when error occur

Bug Fixes

  • Fix scheduler form search function
  • Fix the /e modifier is deprecated in preg_replace in jqGridArray
  • Fix date formatting for true excel export


Addition and Updates

  • SetLabel method accept now column name or index of the coulmn.
  • Remove the local _savedData parameter from editRow and replace it with
    the global savedData (like savedRow) which now part of Grid parameter for easy access
  • Add support in loadState for Subgrid
  • Add support in loadState for Tree Grid
  • getFormData have the same ruled obtaining the values as in createData and syncSavedData
  • Update French localization
  • Added beforeSetTreeNode and afterSetTreeNode events (grid parameters) in setTreeNode method
  • Added method setLeaf, which visually change the icons and data (isLeaf) parameter
  • reloadNode method now support updating the current node Leaf status depending if there is a data or not
  • Added debug option in saveState method to generate dump grid file with options and data.
    (very useful for test and support)
  • Added option editselected (default false) in form edit module which allow to edit only the selected rows in multi select mode
  • Set $.jgrid.useJSON by default true
  • In custom sort function we add the full sort objects as 4 and 5 parameter in order to overcome some Chrome unexpected sort behaviour
  • Add paremeter saveAfterSelect (default false) in inline navigator (inlineNav) to save the row if another is selected
  • RTL support for column menu. The column menu is positioned near to column icon

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for search operators and search oper menu
  • Fix checking compareData function to work properly when checkOnUpdate and/or checkOnSubmit is on
  • Fix saveSatate to export correct the data
  • Fix savedData array in form editing to have fields only if they are found in template
  • Fix the position of column menu with actions
  • Fix column menu sort to work with multisort
  • Fix for inline saveRow method to show the validation UI dialog.
  • Fix for info_dialog syling
  • Fix using checkOnUpdate with dataUrl in edit options.
  • Fix binding click events in treeGrid after loadState is called. The _index should be refreshed in order to get right positions
  • Removing not needed code in grouping
  • Fixes in getRowData
  • Fix jqGridExport not to delete the additional tree Columns
  • Fix toppager css
  • Fix for frozen Columns in IE11
  • Fix check in our jsoon parse function
  • Fix for right border when bootstarp is used with alternate row collor
  • Fix for loadState to check selected checkboxes of selected rows when multiselect is set
  • Fix for cbox class to not be added two times
  • Fix for bootstrap border problems in diffrent grid elements
  • Fix prevent click for the disabled check boxes in multiselect mode in IE browsers
  • Fix jumping to the top of page when a colmenu is clicked
  • Fix multiselect when a checkbox is checked
  • Fix setFrozenColumns heigh inconsitencies when the height is not default and/or a rowspan is used
  • Fix detecting MS IE <=11. Note that MS Edge is not IE browser
  • Fix uniqueSearchFields in filter string
  • Fix for RTL scrollbar
  • Bootstrap CSS fix for RTL
  • Fix semicolon in base module.
  • Fix inlineNav when beforeAddRow and beforeEditRow return false not to show the save cancel buttons in inline navigator

Kind Regards,
The TriRand Team

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