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Guriddo Suito PHP 5.1.0

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We are glad to inform you that the long avaited 5.1.0 version of Guriddo Suito PHP is out. This is a major release that includes a lot of new features and fixes.


Additions and Updates

  • Add possibility in Schedule to build selects dynamically – as SQL or array using the new setSelectOptions
  • Develop a way to add custom fields easy in Scheduler. See Article
  • Support for multi select in Scheduler
  • It is possible to add/update additional data in Scheduler using the new setUserData method
  • Added option currentHidden (default false) which allow to export the current hidden fields in grid. See demo

Bug Fixes

  • Fix in Schedule html template to view the date range in calendar
  • Fix in Schedule allDay to be parsed correct
  • Fix for array driver in fetch_assoc and fetch_object functions where the counter does not initialize correct
  • Fix export to excel if editoptions are not set
  • Fix autocomplete to limit the number of results to those set in itemLength


Additions and Updates

  • Add new event parameter in filterToolbar method – onClearSearchValue and corresponding jqGridToolbarClearVal . To this event are passed the following parameters: html element, column index, searchoptions, default value
  • Added a options between. The option is valid only in filterToolbar method. To use this feature the values in search field should be separated with “…”. Example – to parse values between 1 and 10 the following should be entered: 1…10 in the search field. See demo.
  • Added a possibility to use multiselect in toolbar searching. Any multiselect plugin can be used. For this purpose a new parameter is added in filterToolbar method – groupOpSelect to determine the group operand when multi select is on Can be AND or OR. Default is AND. See demo.
  • Update Japanese translation
  • Added new method refreshFilterToolbar This method only refresh the toolbar filter and does not use reload to reload data. It loads the values from filters parameter in postData
  • Updated Italian translation
  • Added option uniqueSearchFields (boolean – default false) in jqFilter respectively in searchGrid methods form searching which allow the searched field to appear only once in the search list. See demo
  • Added search option searchOperMenu in colModel searchoptions property (valid only in filterToolbar method) which enable/disable the search operators menu for particular field in colModel. The option work with global searchOperator option
  • Added event isHasSubGrid in grid parameters. To the event is passed the row id. If defined it is executed on every row before the subgrid is build. If the event return false the subgrid for that row is not builded. The plus icon disappear. See demo.
  • searchTree method now return only the result founds with its parents
  • Added sortable plugin not depended on jQuery UI lib.
  • Added grid option colMenu which if set to true will enable column menus on every grid colum header with different actions. Added visual representation of colMenu for Bootstrap and jQuery UI. Added option colmenu in colModel to enable/disable the menu for particular column. The following actions are present in the menu – sorting, filtering, grouping, freeze, show/hide reorder columns. See demo.
  • Add event parameter beforeExport in excelExport method to modify/add parameters in the export url.
  • Added options exporthidden and exportgrouping in excelExport (default false) for exporting colModel hidden property and grouping options. Useful in server side exporting like PHP ASP and etc
  • Add parameter reverse in getNodeAncestor method which if set to true will return the nodes in natural order – i.e first root , then first child and etc
  • Add parameter expanded in getNodeAncestor method which if set to true will return the nodes with expanded property set to true
  • Added simple filterInput method which allow with single value to filter on all fields in the grid. Works only when datatype is local or loadonce parameter is set to true. See demo
  • Added new parameter in getNodeChildren method – currentview to get (walk) nodes from current view or whole local data

Bug Fixes

  • Fix padding in toolbar search inputs
  • More precise calculation of totaltime – time to put the data in grid
  • Fix sort and search in treegrid.

All new features are demonstrated using jQuery UI CSS, but they are available if a Bootstrap CSS framework is ised.


Guriddo Team

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