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jqGrid Filter module rewrite

February 15th, 2011

Hello all,
After many requests and of course the problems which causes current search module we have made a decision to rewrite them.
This actually is not standard task, because all existing features should be saved.
I can not guarantee that 100% of the existing features will be available, but we will do our best to save them
Three more important thing are the goal of this rewrite:

  1. We do not more will use jQuery clone function to create new row (the most important) , but after every change the filter will be recreated using the functions from common grid module
  2. Again with the available standard search like by example:
    …WHERE a=1 AND b=2
    now we can do more complex where clauses like this
    … WHERE ( (a=1 AND b=2) OR c=3)
    This mean more than one group operator can be used.

  3. Implementing a checking modules for the data input in the filter

We have placed the code in GitHub.

Any comments, recommendations, fixes are welcome during the development of this plugin.
Note that it can be used separately.

Kind Regards

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