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Nikunj Virani, 2010/03/05 09:44

There is a bug in current demo download package i.e. “”. “jggrid.html” demo HTML file is referencing js/jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js inside jqgrid.html while package is shipped with js/jquery-ui-1.7.1.custom.min.js which causes demo not to work. On adding js/jquery-ui-1.7.2.custom.min.js demo starts working. Please fix.

Stephen McCulloch, 2010/11/09 16:39, 2010/11/09 16:42

In the download, the file grid.locale-fr.js is missing an entry for edit: { msg: { date:

I'm guessing it should be: date: “Saisissez une valeur de date valide”,

My page gets its locale from a querystring parameter. How do you set the grid's language from that?

Paul Speranza, 2011/05/06 02:21

Is there a way to override the ajax beforeSend and complete events in the delete dialog options? Also in the other CRUD dialog options.

Thanks, Paul

Ralph De Velvis, 2011/05/09 03:22

I have two grids on a page. Each one has a navigator that allows the user to ad/edit/delete/refresh the grid. When the user clicks on the edit/delete icon of the second grid I get the alert dialog for the first grid. I looked at the source and the definition of the alertIDs does not take into account the possability of having multiple grids on the same page.

Thanks Ralph

changessien, 2012/04/27 02:41

if not set 'url',How will parameters of 'page' Transfer service?

suhashini, 2012/09/05 08:09


In a add popup window for date column if i want to add js calendar to that field and how to integrate with js calendar. And even for tax column i need to show search button for tax, after clicking on search button there will be 2nd popup in that i need to show search results uses can able to select the searched value. And i need to populate that search value into tax text box. Any Idea??? Please help me. i need to implement in my project. Which is very challenging. I can able to show search button in add popup window. And i can't able to open 3rd window.

Andy, 2012/12/24 06:45

Hi, I need a function to freeze first N columns of the footer data, can you support about this? Or what time will this function available? Thanks.

anjaneya, 2013/03/27 12:04

Hi , i Need TO customize the record text , can any one Plz Help Me

I need Like this 1-10 of 29 Users I need Like this 1-10 of 29 Administrators I need Like this 1-10 of 29 Emails

anjaneya, 2013/03/27 12:05

Hi , i Need TO customize the recordtext: , can any one Plz Help Me I need Like this 1-10 of 29 (Users) , I need Like this 1-10 of 29 (Administrators) , I need Like this 1-10 of 29 (Emails) I need to change the text after 29 for each single Grid

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