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Alexander Stoinov, 2010/03/11 11:20

I am trying to use grid as subgrid with client-side data, not using xml or json and removing the data from the subgrid on collapse is a problem. Is there any workaround? One other thing that i saw is when you expand a row and see the subgrid, if you try to delete the row you expanded the grid brokes. I'm not sure this happens everywhere or is a problem only with my script.

Nick C, 2010/08/23 22:14

I'm using jqGrid 3.6.2. I have the Subgrid as Grid working fine, except I think I may have found a bug (or invalid use-case).

When I have the subgrid expanded as in the example above and try to use the getCol method on the parent grid to get all the amounts (or any column that doesn't appear in the subgrid), a JS error is produced:

$t.rows[i].cells[pos] is undefined

Is this fixed in an updated version?

Toni Anzlovar, 2011/11/02 23:59

I noticed that IDs of table rows are just integers running from 1 to n. When you make a table inside a table HTML becomes invalid, because a document cannot have multiple IDs exactly the same. Also inline editing will not work, because you are referencing an id if the document, not self. Multiple equal IDs lead to unpredictable results.

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