July 10th, 2011
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some problems in grid.filter.js module






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Hello Tony,

I found some problems in the filter module which I want describe here. The origin in the first problem is the missing of groupOps parameter in the call of jqFilter (see here) in the grid.formedit.js. One should add in the list of options the following

    groupOps: p.groupOps,

The next probem are in the line 

inputAddSubgroup = $("<input type='button' value='+ {}' title='Add subgroup' class='add-group'/>");

this one

var inputAddRule = $("<input type='button' value='+' title='Add rule' class='add-rule ui-add'/>"), cm;

this line 

var inputDeleteGroup = $("<input type='button' value='-' title='Delete group' class='delete-group'/>");

and the line

var ruleDeleteInput = $("<input type='button' value='-' title='Delete rule' class='delete-rule ui-del'/>");

The first problem is that in all the above lines will be used non-locolized strings for the title attribute.

The next problem are the text in the buttons: '+ {}', '+' and '-'. I understand the advantage of the usage of language independent symbols which are short. The problem is that such symbols could be not intuitive enough. It can be hard depend on the level of the users which have to use the advance searching dialog.

My usggestion is to make all button textes and tolltips be configurable in i18ngrid.locale-xx.js file. So that one will be able to change the configuration to have the dialog like this one for example

After the first look on the dialog one can find natural to initialize jQuery UI Buttons with default settings on all the above buttons. One will receive the dialog like this

which corresponds more to the rest look of the dialog.

Best regards

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