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 userData = {totalinvoice:​240.00,​ tax:40.00} userData = {totalinvoice:​240.00,​ tax:40.00}
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-The data can be accessed ​two ways.+The data can be accessed ​using a getGridParam methodTo do that we need to request this data: \\
-1. Using a getGridParam method. To do that we need to request this data: \\ 
 <code javascript>​jQuery("​grid_id"​).getGridParam('​userData'​)</​code>​ <code javascript>​jQuery("​grid_id"​).getGridParam('​userData'​)</​code>​
-2. Using the user contributed ​ [[Post Data Module]] \\  +and using the new API (the preferred way
-<code javascript>​jQuery("​grid_id"​).getUserData()</​code>​ +<code javascript>​jQuery("​grid_id"​).jqGrid('​getGridParam',​ '​userData'​)</​code>​
-to get the entry array or +
-<code javascript>​jQuery("​grid_id"​).getUserDataItemkey )</​code>​ +
-to get particular value with name = key+

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