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olegk add X-UA-Compatible meta in head
Line 53: Line 53:
 <​head>​ <​head>​
 <meta http-equiv="​Content-Type"​ content="​text/​html;​ charset=utf-8"​ /> <meta http-equiv="​Content-Type"​ content="​text/​html;​ charset=utf-8"​ />
 +<meta http-equiv="​X-UA-Compatible"​ content="​IE=edge"​ />
 <​title>​My First Grid</​title>​ <​title>​My First Grid</​title>​
   ​   ​
Line 73: Line 74:
 $(function(){ ​ $(function(){ ​
   $("#​list"​).jqGrid({   $("#​list"​).jqGrid({
-    url:'​example.php',​+    url: '​example.php',​
     datatype: '​xml',​     datatype: '​xml',​
     mtype: '​GET',​     mtype: '​GET',​
-    colNames:​['​Inv No','​Date',​ '​Amount','​Tax','​Total','​Notes'​],​+    colNames: ['Inv No', '​Date',​ '​Amount',​ '​Tax',​ '​Total',​ '​Notes'​],​
     colModel :[      colModel :[ 
       {name:'​invid',​ index:'​invid',​ width:​55}, ​       {name:'​invid',​ index:'​invid',​ width:​55}, ​

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