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 +===== Features =====
 +jqGrid is a very good grid control. Here are some of its features;
 +===== Basic Grid =====
 +jqGrid has consistently been developed with ease of use in mind. The user should feel at ease from installation to administration.
 +  * CSS based themes. jqGrid is compatible with UI Theming. Developers can change the grid skin by defining their own using the UI CSS Framework.
 +  * Speed. The new rendering engine improves the loading speed in some cases up to 5-10 time faster than previous releases.
 +  * Paging. This feature enables developer to display data page by page. Data will not be retrieved from the server until the end user comes to that page. Developers can control how many rows are displayed at a time. 
 +  * Resizable Columns. Column width can be changed by the end user. 
 +  * Sorting & various data types. The end user can sort records by clicking on the header of a column. Developers can specify sorting for various types including string, number, boolean, link, select and percent.
 +  * Event handlers & user API. Event handlers and various methods give you more flexibility without coding too much.
 +  * Auto loading data when scrolling. This feature allows you to load data without paging and using only the vertical scrollbar.
 +  * Working with local data. jqGrid can work with local data defined as an array. ​
 +  * Seamless integration with any server side solution such as ASP, .net, PHP and perl.
 +  * Cross browser. Supports for IE 6.0+, FireFox 2.0+, Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.2+ and Google Chrome.
 +  * Multilanguage support (i18n). Currently jqGrid supports more than 20 languages.
 +  * Support for XML, JSON and arrays as data sources. Another great feature is the possibility to define your own custom data type.
 +  * SubGrids. Using a SubGrid is the easiest method for displaying data from child records.
 +  * SubGrid as Grid. In this alternative to a subGrid, we use the subGrid functions of the main grid to create not a subGrid, but another grid, with all of the power and capacity of the main grid but appearing, as before, under the "​parent"​ record with the same ability to reveal and hide it.
 +===== Formatting =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​formatter.png?​220x100| Formatter }}
 +  * Formatter supports advanced formatting of the contents of cells
 +  * Formatter has predefined types like : integer, number, date, currency, links, check boxes and etc. 
 +  * The developer can define you own custom formatter
 +  * multilanguage configuration
 +===== Inline editing =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​inlinedit.png?​220x105| Inline editing}}
 +In place editing allow you in easy way to update the cell content in particular row.
 +  * supporting of text, text area, check box, select, image, button types 
 +  * client side validation of the entered data
 +\\ \\ 
 +===== Cell Editing =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​celledit.png?​220x100| Cell Editing}}
 +Cell editing supports editing individual cells.
 +  * supporting of text, text area, check box, select, image, button types 
 +  * client side validation of the entered data
 +  * keyboard navigation with tab, shift tab, left, right, up and down keys
 +  * flexible events
 +===== Form editing =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​editrow.png?​220x100|Form editing}}
 +jqGrid supports creating a form, on the fly, to enter or edit grid data.
 +  * supporting of text, text area, check box, select, image, button types 
 +  * client side validation of the entered data
 +  * keyboard navigation up and down keys
 +  * flexible events
 +  * full control of the form from creation to closing
 +===== Searching and Filtering =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​advsearch.png?​220x100| Searching}}
 +The columns in the grid can be used as the basis for a search form to appear above, below, or in place of, the grid.
 +  * single field searching
 +  * toolbar searching (placing the search fields below the headers).
 +  * complex form searching
 +  * advanced searching with criteria defined from user
 +===== Tree Grid =====
 +{{ :​wiki:​treegrid.png?​220x100|Tree Grid}}
 +Treegrid supports both the Nested Set model and the Adjacency model
 +  * Easy configuration
 +  * Auto loading tree nodes.
 +  * Rich client API for easy manipulation
 +===== Import/​Export =====
 +jqGrid is able to import or export the entire grid configuration to another file format:
 +  * support of xml, json, xmlstring, jsonstring formats
 +  * possibility to import configuration and data at once.

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