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Makanaki, 2010/09/30 04:39

All “before” methods should prevent further execution of any process by resulting in “false”. I cant prevent reloading grid if i dont need to.

Maheswar, 2013/01/24 08:02


I have a mutliselection jqgrid with 2000 rows . I am showing 100 per each page.

I want to get one particular column data in all pages. I am using.. _$('#tblUsers').jqGrid('getCol', 'Names', true);_

But this is giving only current page Names.I need all pages names. i didn't find any code for this. Please help me how to do this.

Maheswar, 2013/01/24 08:05

Hi, I have a mutliselection jqgrid with 1000 rows . I am showing 100 per each page. I want to get all selected rows in all pages. I am using.. _$(”#tblUsers”).jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selarrrow');_ But this is giving only current page selected rows.I need all pages selected rows. i didn't find any code for this. Please help me how to do this.

Zahar, 2013/01/24 21:05

Hi! Does your grid loads all 1000 rows in one request, or it makes a request when switching a page?

Nicolas Mercado, 2010/11/03 00:07

Hi, What do you think about adding afterDeleteRow on a future version? For example, when deleting rows from a standard Add/Edit/Delete table, we may want to take a special action if the table is now empty, or we may need to update information that was dependant on the deleted row. Does that make sense?

themoose, 2010/12/22 20:33

I would like to use jQuery UI icons as action buttons in the last column of my grid. I have a column formatter making a div and a load of spans with ui-state-default, ui-icon classes etc.

Thing is, when the user selects a row, my icons get highlighted too.

I was wondering if there is any way I could hook into an event so that I can write my own selection routine?

I want to apply ui-state-highlight on a per-cell basis so that I can miss out my “Actions” cell. That is I _do_ want the row to be selected, I just want to control how it looks.

It's just that standard buttons I'm using look kinda rubbish compared with all the jQuery UI stuff that surrounds them.

Fernando Balderrama, 2011/03/11 18:18

The event “onCellSelect” states that it is disabled when using cell editing. I'm currently using it flawlessly and I am using cell edit in my grid.

jay ann patangan, 2011/03/22 05:25

hey, can i separate the serializeGridData and loadError and just put them in a function and call them evrytime the jqgrid needs to call them? so that my other jqgrid program can use them also?… is it posibble?

Gordon Frobenius, 2011/07/28 18:18

I use ColdFusion and my JSON response from ColdFusion back to the grid needs some simple manipulation done to it before it will work with jqGrid. I guess I'm hoping for an event between events 3 and 4…

Execution order of jqGrid Events… 1. beforeRequest 2. loadBeforeSend 3. serializeGridData

Here I need to remove some leading characters from my JSON rows response. Example: / / {“rows”:[{“cell”:[””,10000228637555,”ACSN”,”444657#002”,””,”OPEN”,”GFHGVKJLM”],”ID”:10000228637555},{“cell”:[etc… I need to remove the 2 leading forwards slashes. The option to remove them in ColdFusion BEFORE sending them back is not a option in my case. I need to do it on the jqGrid client side. Does anyone know if this is possible???

4. loadError 5. gridComplete 6. loadComplete

Aaron Greenlee, 2011/08/02 01:04


I use ColdFusion as well. I've tapped into an existing API I wrote for a mobile version of our site that is powered by Backbone.js that has a response resembling: { paging:{ … }, data:{ … }, cached:false}.

The data I need to present in my grid is location in response.data. I used the following code to get my data.

,jsonReader : {

 repeatitems: false
,id: "asset_id"
,root: function (obj)
	for(var i in obj.data.rows)                
	return obj.data.rows;


The above function allows you to manipulate the response anyway you need to.

Norm Cousineau, 2012/06/06 23:41

Can I access other functions outside the scope of the event function (from within the event function)?

Michael Russo, 2012/06/19 22:30

This section needs an update to include the changes to the event system since jqGrid 4.3.2

Lisa, 2012/07/13 19:15

Currently the onSelectRow event seems to be firing on right click as well, however the beforeSelectRow does not seem to fire in this case. :( so my attempted workaround of:

            beforeSelectRow: function (rowId, e) {
                  var isLeftClick = false;
                  var clickType = event.which;
                  if (clickType == 1) {
                      isLeftClick = true;
                  return isLeftClick;

is unsuccessful. Any suggestions?

Zippanova, 2012/07/27 18:23

Lisa, the onSelectRow handler can also receive the event object for you to decide which button was clicked. Try something like this:

          onSelectRow: function (rowId, status, e) {
              if (!e || e.which === 1) {
                  / / left click, perform actions here

Hope that helps :-)

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