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Allow FireFox to work with RTL (Right To Left) laguaages

jqGrid support fully FireFox versions 3.x and Internet Explorer versions >=6. The default settings in FireFox are not compatible with RTL. In order to change this:

  1. In the url bar in FireFox type about:config and confirm the alert dialog.
  2. In the Find bar type layout.scrollbar.side
  3. Double click on it and change the value from 0 to 1


pablo medici, 2011/12/05 20:12

Hi, i'm new in jqgrid. I've tried client side sorting with server side paging. While the server-side paging worked fine, the sorting didn't. When i try to sort the data disappears. Any ideas?

raghu krishna, 2011/12/06 06:29

Hi, Is there any possibility to disable a row in jqGrid?

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