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 ====== Change Log ====== ====== Change Log ======
-===== jqGrid 4.6.0 changes and fixes ===== 
-==== Additions and Changes ==== 
-==== Bug Fixes ==== 
-  * Now it is possible to set all colModel properties in xDimension object array, 
-  * Initial filtering conditions for the pivot, 
-  * Make all properties equal in grouping and pivot grid, 
-  * Now it is possible to add all colModel properties in aggregates array, 
-  * Adding the formatter as property in the agregates, 
-  * small fixes suggested by JSLint, 
-  * minimal fixes in clearBeforeUnload,​ 
-  * Readme fixes, 
-  * Fixes in  Taiwan translation,​ 
-  * Better links in README, 
-  * Adding a possibilito to define a custom sort function. The ne parameter is sortfunc and is defined in colmodel. 3 parmeters comapre values a,b and direction 1 for ascending -1 for descendig, 
-  * Fix parsing dates. A regular expression is fixed in language files., 
-  * Fix min and max calculations in pivot, 
-  * Recalculating the totals on footer when search with localdata, 
-  * Fix calling groupingPrepare when local data, 
-  * Add width paramter to agregator colummns, 
-  * Adding grid.pivot module to the build, 
-  * Remove some not needed var in pivot function, 
-  * Adding resetserach parameter so that when we are using grouping with local data we can rebuild the summary rows., 
-  * Add more properties and info to the grouping formatter, 
-  * Fix datepicker to apper if in inline edit and the date is the first column, 
-  * Support timezone in ISO8601Long date format with date ending with '​Z'​ mean UTC., 
-  * Add the previos addition to xml datasource, 
-  * Make it possible to calculate the group at once and use the summaries when loadonce and jsonstring and xmlstring are true., 
-  * Introducing hideFirstGroupCol. If the first group column is first visible in the grid the values can be hide in order to make better loook (ala tree), 
-  * Initially we need to sort the pivot data before use it when  grouping, 
-  * Add group summary pos and frozen xdimension columns options, 
-  * Fix set summary when group summary pos is set to header, 
-  * Support frozen columns when grouping is enabled, 
-  * coltotal and rowTotal are set to false initially. Fix checking the size of associative array., 
-  * We must replace all spaces on data when build the column, 
-  * Add bower json description,​ 
-  * Upgrade to jQuery 1.10.2, 
-  * Fix resetselection to reset the last selected row in case of multiselect.,​ 
-  * Fix summary in case we want to sum more than one field, 
-  * Fix grand total summaries in pivoting, 
-  * Add a jqPivot function to build the pivot automatically,​ 
-  * Commenting the pivot for future developments,​ 
-  * Change the way to calculate the column totals, 
-  * Full rewitting of the pivot grid with support of grouping columns and rows, 
-  * Formatting changes, 
-  * More fixes for the case on put group totals on header, 
-  * Fix display summary on header, 
-  * Some fixes in CSS regarding IE, 
-  * Fix sortGrid when frozencolumns is on and a non frozen field is sorted. Thanks to Bosko., 
-  * Set the Total column to have formatter number, 
-  * Change language files to support new filter tooolbar search settings, 
-  * Moving help message titles in language file. Add resetIcon ​ to define custom one, 
-  * Formatting changes in viewGridRow,​ 
-  * Fix recreateForm in viewGrid method - the same way as in editGridRow,​ 
-  * The editing form now by default is removed when it is closed. The recreateForm options only set the default position and width of the form. This fixes a lot of other problems., 
-  * Fix setRowData when called with cssp parameter set to null Thanks to rweng., 
 ===== jqGrid 4.5.4 changes and fixes ===== ===== jqGrid 4.5.4 changes and fixes =====

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