Nathan Feger, 2010/09/24 19:08

How do you set the text of the summary row?

i.e. if summaryTpl lets you format the sum for instance, how do you get the word 'Sum' or 'Total' to show in another column?

Billy Sauls, 2011/09/20 15:53

To create a row with just text, you'll need to use a custom summaryType function that returns a blank string.

{… summaryTpl: '<div style=“text-align: right”><b>Total Amount: </b></div>', summaryType: blankSummaryType }

function blankSummaryType() { return ””; }

K Lanni, 2012/01/13 01:22
summaryType: function(){}

… is much easier. :)

Makanaki, 2010/09/30 04:21

“groupText” propert should be allowed to be a callback function. Otherwise it's really pain in the ass to manage to fill those lines with data.

Brad, 2011/03/21 23:13

Is it possible to sort by the summarized data? IE, once the grid is grouped, I need to sort by the grouped summary data.

John Rassa, 2011/05/25 21:37

When using groupDataSorted=true the sort parameter (sidx) that is set does not reflect index values set on the column model.

That is to say, if I have a column defined as:

{name: 'name', index: 'indexIsDifferentFromName'}

and I am grouping by field 'name', when the sort parameter (sidx) is set on the server request it is set as 'name' and not 'indexIsDifferentFromName'

alperturkyilmaz, 2011/09/29 17:40

Hi All, is it possible to use different formatter for the data rows and the summary row? If I want to add a summary info (summaryType= count) to a checkbox formatted column, summary value is shown as a checked checkbox. any ideas?

kinds, Alper

Naim Raja Díaz, 2012/07/17 13:49


I'm having a pretty issue, that seems to be related with ordering… The grouping repeats when a change on the data set is received, so if I have a grouping on field 'Name', and data set values are :












Then, the grouping will throw this:

± John - 2 regs

± Peter- 2 regs

± John - 3 regs

± Paul - 2 regs

± John - 1 regs

This is my Grid code (regarding grouping)…

groupingView: { groupField: ['Name'], groupColumnShow: [false], groupText: ['<b>{0} - {1} reg(s)</b>'], groupCollapse: true, groupDataSorted: true, groupOrder: ['asc'] }


jpeterson, 2012/11/20 23:36

Hi all,

Has anyone been able to modify the Summary/Grouping behavior to allow you to add summary statistics to the Header of each group? For example, I have grouping enabled for a number of projects - the only field I want summarized is 'funding' … so rather than waste an entire row to display a sum('funding'), I'd like to be able to include it in the groupText element. Something along these lines:

groupText : ['<b>{0} - {1} Entries, Total Dollars: {sum(funding)} </b>']

Thanks! jp

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