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November 14th, 2014

jqGrid is licensed under the most permissive and free MIT license or GPL. However, many customers and organizations require commercial grade licenses, support and features. This is why we launched our official commercial website We decided to keep both sites separate, so that there is less confusion for customers.

We started with jqGrid and built a whole suite of components called jqSuite for 3 different platforms – PHP, ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC. These components include HTML5 charts, treeviews, form builders, schedulers and many more. In addition to pure HTML5/Javascript functionality, they are strongly tied to their respective platform and feature powerful server-side API, binding to various datasources, codeless support for many data providers like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL and many others. This comes with full commercial support, guaranteed responses, active forums with more than 10,000 posts (as of today) and written and supported by the very same guys that created jqGrid. In fact, your questions will be answered only by developers that created the respective product.

Our commercial licensing is pretty simple and straight-forward – “per developer” licensing with unlimited everything (no limit on servers, projects, time, etc). Just the number of developers on the team working with the products. Prices are reasonable and can save you months of development time. You can find all demos of our products here:

and you can download the fully functional 30-day trials here:

Thanks a lot for your trust and happy coding!

The Trirand Team

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