July 10th, 2011
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height:"auto" works wrong in IE, height:"100%" works correct






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Hello Tony,

I became almost crazy during analysing some strange behavior of one grid: the pager layer "danced" to the bottom on every changing of focus from one grid cell to another:

The reason of the problam was that I used height: "auto" parameter in the grid which work incorrect in case of existing the horizontal scrolling bar. I used shrinkToFit: false in my tests. The problem I could see only in IE (I used IE9 for my tests).  One can see the demo which reproduce the problem here. You can compare the results with the same table but where  height: "auto" are replaced to height: "100%".

Interesting are also two next demos: this works in IE and another one has the same problem as described above if one click on any cell of the grid:

In the last examples no JavaScripts are used. So it is IE bug. Probably one can fix the bug with some CSS trick. I am not a CSS guru and the including of zoom:1 in different places of CSS not solves the problem.

So I suggest another workaround in grid.base.js. One should just use as the height value the "100%" instead of "auto" in the definition of the div.ui-jqgrid-bdiv. I suggest to change the lines 2300-2304 of grid.base.js:

    .append($('<div style="position:relative;'+(isMSIE && $.browser.version < 8 ? "height:0.01%;" : "")+'"></div>').append('<div></div>').append(this))
    .css({ height: ts.p.height+(isNaN(ts.p.height)?"":"px"), width: (grid.width)+"px"})


var gheight = String(ts.p.height).toLowerCase() === "auto" ? "100%": ts.p.height;
    .append($('<div style="position:relative;'+(isMSIE && $.browser.version < 8 ? "height:0.01%;" : "")+'"></div>').append('<div></div>').append(this))
    .css({ height: gheight+(isNaN(gheight)?"":"px"), width: (grid.width)+"px"})

(The definition of new variable gheight one can move to the begining of the corresponding JavaScript function). You can see the same grid which I used befor but with the fix here.

For all who use jqGrid without he fix now I recommend just use height: "100%" instead of height: "auto".

Best regards



Sofia, Bulgaria


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Hello Oleg,


It seems that this is not a bug in IE, but in grid.



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